Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.

   It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.1



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CIT-CAN (Citizens of Canada Foundation) is a non-profit corporation based in Quebec but incorporated in Canada in 1991. Its mission is to "Promote the multicultural and multi-ethnic character of Canada."  Its main business is to work for the overturn of  Quebec's repressive language law, which requires French only on billboards and transit ads in Quebec, and forces all English-speaking immigrant children to go to school in French. CIT-CAN works by helping to finance litigation and publicity against the law.

CIT-CAN pays no salaries and defrays no personal expenses. All of its income and expenses are updated quarterly and published on line on this website (see below).

CIT-CAN accepts gifts to accomplish its mission, which is to restore freedom of expression and association in Quebec by modifying or repealing the Quebec language laws. Because CIT-CAN is not a charity, it cannot issue charity receipts for donations. On the other hand it is not obliged to and it does not reveal the identity of its donors, or the size of their contributions, to anyone. CIT-CAN  publishes a quarterly accounting of its income and expenses on this website. All of its income is used to promote the cause of language freedom in Quebec.  

You can contribute by writing a cheque to the CIT-CAN Foundation and sending it to:


CIT-CAN Foundation

P O Box 101, Notre Dame de Grace

Montreal, QC H4A 3P4



Your contribution will be personally acknowledged by return mail, but your name will never be forwarded to any branch of government, or published, unless you wish to be identified as a sponsor, which we will do only at your written request.

CIT-CAN Income and Expenses

 1 William Pitt the younger, British Prime minister 1783 -- 1801, 1804 - 1806.

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